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European Coaster Club and Save Dreamland Campaign announce an evening of 1920s style fun – The Roaring Twenties Night.

The train rolls out of the station and into the darkness, the track stretching out and up into the night air. A cheer goes up and boaters and top hats are waved in the air. The riders are wearing striped blazers, long dresses, and full-length gloves.  Roaring Twenties night is in full swing!

The European Coaster Club (ECC), in association with the Save Dreamland Campaign, is proud to announce the spectacular event  - 'Roaring 20s Night'.

On the evening of September 20th, the Scenic Railway roller coaster, built in the 1920s and the UK’s oldest, will be running for the first time ever until Midnight. Special permission has been sought for the event, and the evening will be filled with special events to mark the occasion.

At 7pm, a group of riders, dressed in 1920s period dress will take their seats on the Scenic Railway. The ride will set off and they will attempt to ride continuously for 200 minutes! Will they make it? The challenge is for a good cause - to raise funds for the Scenic Railway, particularly to safeguard its opening next year.

ECC Chairman, Rich Foster says “We’ve been planning this for some time, and we’re so pleased to be able to help keep the ride running. It’s going to be an amazing night – the costumes, the night-riding and the atmosphere. I can’t wait!”

The Scenic Railway is operated by a “brakeman”, who sits on the train and operates a hand operated brake. The evening will see the debut of the ride’s first ever brakewoman – Sarah Vickery. Sarah is Local Campaign Coordinator of the Save Dreamland Campaign, and has been training hard for her first ever trainload of punters.

“I am pretty terrified but I am sure I’ll be fine” says Sarah, “I’m very proud to be the first ever brakewoman in Margate, and I’m really looking forward to making history”.

Some of Dreamland’s other attractions will also be open late, and there will be food and drink available on site. The evening will end with late night riding, another first, coming to a close around midnight.

Information for Editors:

Rich Foster is Chairman of the European Coaster Club, a group of some 1500 roller coaster enthusiasts based across Europe and around the world. The Club produces a high quality and industry respected magazine, First Drop, and runs regular trips to visit many amusement parks.  Rich can be contacted for interview by emailing or by calling 07970 622166.

Sarah Vickery owns and runs the Grade 1 listed Shell Grotto in Margate, a popular tourist attraction with shop, museum and cafe attached. She is Vice-Chair of the Isle of Thanet Tourism Association, Chair of the Thanet Contemporary Arts Festival and a member of the Margate Events Group. She is the Local Campaign Coordinator for the Save Dreamland Campaign, and can be contacted for interview by emailing or by calling 01843 220008.

The official Save Dreamland Campaign website is at The campaign can be emailed at The address for all correspondence is Save Dreamland Campaign, The Shell Grotto, Grotto Hill, Margate, Kent CT9 2BU.