Preston Rally 2006
Save Dreamland Campaign on Tour Again!

The Save Dreamland Campaign was back on the road again for another appearance at the Preston Rally over the weekend of 24 and 25 June 2006. This year the Campaign was treated to better weather, with Saturday being particularly hot.

The prominently-located Campaign stand was a major attraction at the rally. Always a centre of activity, the Campaign signed up several hundred new members, even beating last year's total! The stand featured a range of stylish new Save Dreamland merchandise, a display of Dreamland photographs and a book stall, courtesy of

The Campaign stand was ably operated by campaigners Susan and Eric Marsh, Nick Laister, Dave Collard and Mark Evans. A large number of ex-Dreamland staff visited the stand, and campaigners enjoyed rides on the vintage funfair (the Dodgems even featured a large Save Dreamland banner!). Campaign members were surprised to see ex-Conservative Councillor Colin Kiddell enjoying the sunshine at the Rally on Saturday. This was the first time campaign team members had seen him since summer 2003, which made for a quite dramatic 'reunion'.

To find out what else happened at the Rally, read on...

The Save Dreamland stand shortly before opening on Saturday. Dreamland Remembered author, Nick Evans, can be seen in the background with his own Bygone Kent stand.

Eric and Susan Marsh prepare for the crowds, only minutes before opening. Eric and Susan had travelled down from Manchester to help with the stand.

A close up of the inside of the Save Dreamland gazebo, which featured books, Save Dreamland merchandise, Coasterforce merchandise and a display of old Dreamland photographs.

A view across the events arena towards the Dodgems, which were proudly displaying our website address.

Former Scenic Railway brakeman Dave Collard (left) and Mark Evans (Coasterforce team member) working hard at signing up rally visitors. (Actually, we didn't need to work hard at all as most people signed up to the campaign without being asked and/or dragged into the gazebo!)

The list of campaign members grows longer...

...and longer.

We hadn't forgotten that there was an England World Cup match on that very weekend. Unfortunately, the Save Dreamland Campaign television was completely and utterly useless and resulted in every member of the Campaign team that wanted to see the match missing it!

The Rally funfair featured this rather fine set of gallopers...

...and this delightful Eli Bridge big wheel.

For those wanting excitement, this fairground Wall of Death motorcycle stunt show was a popular attraction. The Save Dreamland stand was also a good place to go for those wanting excitement, as the next page of pictures show...

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