: Added April 2010
April 2000 Joyland Books website is launched at www.joylandbooks.fsnet.co.uk.
June 2000 Huge amusement park directory launched.
June 2000 Secondhand Shop opens.
July 2000 Theme park news service launched.
August 2000 Joyland Exhibition Hall opens with 'Gallopers at the Amusement Park' Exhibition.
October 2000 Joyland Books moves to a new website at joyland.co.uk.
April 2001 Joyland Books moves to its final, permanent home on the web, joylandbooks.com.
April 2001 Joyland Books launches its first online message board, which would eventually become the popular Joyland Forum.
July 2001 Joyland Books accepts credit cards and allows online ordering for the first time.
October 2001 New look website launched with new logo.
November 2001 Magazine subscriptions first available.
April 2002 Joyland's Amusement Park Photographic Library opens, supplying the world's media.
July 2002 Joyland Books awarded membership of Which? Web Trader Scheme.
January 2003 Joyland Books launches the Save Dreamland Campaign to save Margate's Dreamland Fun Park from closure.
January 2005 Circus bookstore re-launched as the world's biggest circus store.
September 2005 Mailing list launched for customers who want to keep up to date with new releases.
October 2005 Joyland is refreshed with a completely new layout, which remains to this day.
June 2006 Greetings cards are sold at Joyland Books for the first time.
September 2006 Pennies by the Sea website launched using old Joyland Books domain, joyland.co.uk.
August 2007 New rides for sale service launched: joylandrides.com.
October 2007 The world's best loved amusement park nostalgia website themagiceye returns as part of Joyland Books.
March 2008 Our discount theme park tickets service is launched, where the best deals and discounts are displayed.
November 2008 Joyland Books moves to Southcombe Farm near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.
April 2010 Joyland Books celebrates 10 years!

"Congratulations and thank you to Nick for ten years of Joyland Books. Whether the interest be vintage fairground or white-knuckle theme park rides, Joyland gives access to the largest selection of specialist books anywhere.
        Having a life-long passion for the traditional fairground and the seaside amusement parks I enjoyed as a child, over the decades I have bought many books from numerous sources (some of which, such as Worlds Fair and the Fairground Association, being inaccessible to the general public). Joyland Books now makes web-based purchasing of a surprisingly vast number of specialist books available, not just to hardened fans, but equally to the novice and the curious.
        However, ten years ago, the internet was still in a relatively infancy, and to set up a business selling specialist books through a medium to which many (or perhaps the majority) of enthusiasts had no access, was either foolhardy or truly visionary; fortunately, the latter was the case. Ten years on, and Joyland Books now does for us what Amazon does for everyone else.
        And finally, we should not forget the work Nick has done with the Save Dreamland Campaign, much promotion of which has been through the Joyland website. In short, Joyland Books has created an awareness of our amusement park and fairground heritage, (as well as selling books on 21st century white-knuckle roller coasters)!

Jerry Chattenton, Proprietor, Mechanical Memories Museum, Brighton and Mechanical Memories Magazine

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