by Phil Gould
: Added February 2006
When the Marine Lake amusement park closed it heralded changes at Ocean Beach as well.

The arcade and side stalls that had divided the park into two were removed and a new Golden Goose arcade built at the town end.
With this came the removal of certain rides and an end to the duplication that had previously existed.

A six lane Astroglide was built at the front of the revamped park and ran parallel to the promenade.

The old wooden Mad Mouse was removed and replaced by a steel version. Although I had never been brave enough to ride its predecessor I now felt ready to tackle this ride.

It was one of the most scary rides I have ever been on. When you were travelling along the zig zag section at the top of the ride you used to feel like you were going to end up flying straight off into the sea. I don't recall the ride having any safety belts; you just had to hold on to the bars on the outside of the car for dear life!

Other new attractions included a Moon Walk and kiddies roller coaster which were built next to the Astroglide.

A go kart track was also constructed at the front of the park.

These were joined for a couple of seasons by a set of Hurricane Jets and another Flying Coaster.

The Rotor was moved to the back corner of the park behind the aforementioned Wild Mouse and Psycho.

But this was only the start of the modernisation of the amusement park...

A couple of years later the park owners rang even more changes to Ocean Beach.

The Wild Mouse was removed and replaced by an Italian designed steel roller coaster called Cyclone. This was basically a modern version of the old figure eight coaster.

The wooden Lighthouse Slip was also taken down and replaced by a smaller square skyline slip. The Jets and Flying Coaster left and a new Satellite ride and Waltzer were introduced to the park.

The wooden dodgems also disappeared and were replaced by a much more modern, and larger track, which is still at the park to this day.

One of the latest novelties arrived at the park - the Skydiver, or lifting paratrooper, and the wooden Caterpillar was demolished in favour of the ultra- modern L'Amour Express. This seemed massive and had a roof, steep hills and individual cars which were covered by the green 'caterpillar' hood. It seemed to race round at a much greater speed than its forerunner.

I always remember that Ocean Beach seemed to have the latest attractions and it seems sad to think that it has gone into a decline and could soon be home to yet more seaside flats and shops. Hardly something that is going to encourage any number of visitors to the resort...

From the BBC News (August 2005)

A famous north Wales funfair could disappear if a development firm's vision for west Rhyl is realised.

Manchester-based firm Modus Properties has published an artist's impression on its website showing how the Ocean Beach fairground site could be transformed.

The proposed development includes 200 apartments, restaurants and a food store - but not the historic funfair.

Denbighshire county council said it was aware of Modus Properties' interest but no planning bid had been lodged.

The Rhyl funfair is synonymous with the seaside town, but has deteriorated in recent years.

A spokeswoman for Modus properties said the company hoped to start work on the scheme early next year, but said the project was in its "really, really early stages" and nothing could be confirmed.


From Joyland Books (January 2007)

A planning application has been submitted by Manchester-based Modus Properties for the redevelopment of Rhyl's historic Ocean Beach Fun Fair.

The application, submitted to Denbighshire County Council in December, is for 217 apartments, an ASDA supermarket, hotel, shops, offices, cafes and restaurants.

The funfair will be completely demolished, ending more than a century of amusement park history in this part of the town.
The planning application for the Ocean Plaza development will go though a public consultation exercise before being decided by planners.

Astroglide at Ocean Beach, Rhyl. Photograph: Phil Gould

Moonwalk, Wheel and Go Kart Track at Ocean Beach. Photograph: Phil Gould

Cyclone at Ocean Beach, Rhyl. Photograph: Phil Gould

A new Satellite arrived at Ocean Beach, Rhyl. Photograph: Phil Gould

The Sky Diver at Ocean Beach, Rhyl. Photograph: Phil Gould

Waltzer and L'amour Express at Ocean Beach Rhyl. Photograph: Phil Gould


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