BITSoftheBEACH: Pasaje del Terror


You are going to hear this attraction long before you see it if you enter the park from the North Entrance(or any other entrance for that matter!).
Loud amplified screams accompanied by shocked people on a video screen add to the aura of this 1998 walkthrough billed as "a multi-media live experience"!
Without giving too much away, everything is not what it seems. You usually go around in groups of six and are warned not to touch anyone or anything!
You are instructed to always walk forwards and never go back.
A local employee was tracked down by the DHSS for claiming benefits whilst working in the Pasaje!
Similar attractions can be found dotted around the globe, i.e. in Rome and Barcelona (The Kruger Hotel).
The attraction in Orlando, Florida is now sadly defunct (Terror on Church Street).
In 2001 adverts proclaimed the attraction to be "Scarier than ever"! Flyers stated: "In the beginning you will feel afraid. Later on you will know what horror is, by then...it may be too late!"
You begin by descending a dark staircase and waiting in line at a door as an attendant informs you of the rules and regulations...scenes include walking past railings. Block your ears in another scene as it sounds as if someone is hammering away at the wall behind you and at the side of you. Beware the bedroom and the room where "pieces of meat" are hanging...
Warning...It is a very dark walk through and you may find yourself at the back of the tour party trying to catch up to the people in front. Best go around with a group of friends...at least you can hold on to them!
You finally exit through a door which leads into The Horror Bar in the Casino. People recommend having a drink there just to watch other hapless people frantically exiting the ride!
For the 2003 season new characters were introduced...
CASH PRICE 2004: 5

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