BITSoftheBEACH: Spin Doctor


Prior to its opening the official blurb stated:
"At last the wraps are off the brand new ride for 2002 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Spin Doctor, for many months known only by its codename WK2, has created public speculation throughout the months of planning and building. Now the waiting and anticipating is over as Blackpool Pleasure Beach reveals the full facts about Wall's Cornetto Soft Spin Doctor.
The ride (opened on 7/8/02) is situated in a lagoon at the heart of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, either side of Tom Sawyer Bridge, with the Pepsi Max Big One providing a stunning backdrop as riders are spun 360 degrees through the air to heights of 120 feet at speeds of over 60 mph.
The 1 million Spin Doctor at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is actually two rotating 'propellors' linked by programmable logic controllers (PLC), combined to create one unique ride experience.
Each 'propellor' is attached to a column fixed to a 6m x 6m x 2m concrete foundation; a rotating arm is fixed to the column and at each extremity of the arm is a free-moving four passenger 'back to back' gondola with dangling legs system.
Each seat is provided with a safety shoulder restraint. The arms rotate by means of two DC motors whilst the gondolas are free to rotate according to the speed and centrifugal force, performing a 360 degree loop.
The ride can reach speeds of over 60 mph, with a maximum g-force of 3.6g, similar to the g-force experienced on the Pepsi Max Big One, the tallest, fastest rollercoaster in Europe, also at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Rider access to Spin Doctor is located at lagoon level, with the station accessed from Tom Sawyer Bridge. Once at lagoon level, riders are directed to Spin Doctor East or Spin Doctor West."
The ride was manufactured by The Fabbri Group of Italy and opened by Max Clifford - himself a master of 'spin'.
Min. ride height restriction is 52 inches/132 cms and Max. ride height restriction is 76 inches / 195 cms.
On busy days expect a waiting time between 80-90 mins.

September 2003 this ride cost 7 tickets to ride. I'm unsure as to how long it will remain at 5 tickets a go. As at 25/10/03 it now costs 6 tickets to ride!

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