Photographs: Carolyn Anderson Moyer. Text: Gary Radice
: July 2011

In 2008 themagiceye copied the following obituary from The Sentinel newspaper (US) and posted it on the Rollercoaster and Theme Park discussion section of Eric Gieszl’s wonderful Ultimate Rollercoaster site. themagiceye wasn't expecting the reply it got from one reader - Carolyn Anderson Moyer - who quite rightly took umbrage with some of its accuracy. Carolyn just happens to be the daughter of Arrow co-founder Angus Anderson!


Announcement: Karl Bacon RIP

Legendary amusement industry pioneer Karl Bacon passed away in California on Nov. 14, 2008. He was 98.

Born in Oakland, Maine in 1910, Bacon was an intelligent, kind-hearted individual who rose to fame thanks to a small machine shop in Mountain View, Calif. where he teamed up with Ed Morgan to create Arrow Development. In collaboration with Walt Disney, Arrow created many of the memorable attractions at Disneyland and the other Disney theme parks.

But Arrow's most important contribution was the impact the company made on the world of steel roller coasters. Bacon and Morgan revolutionized the industry with Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds. Thanks to that ground-breaking ride, Arrow's innovative use of tubular track and soft polyurethane composite wheels allowed coasters do more than anyone ever thought possible. Bacon and Morgan went on to create a number of increasingly complex and daring coasters as well as other amusement rides such as the log flume, a reworked Steeplechase, Suspended Coaster and antique cars.

Bacon and Morgan were inducted into the “Hall of Fame Living Legends” by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions in 1998.

Ed Morgan's son, Dana, remembers Bacon with fondness. "Karl and my dad were a great team. Working together, they changed the face of the amusement industry with ride systems they developed for Disney like the tubular rail track for the Matterhorn. Their later Corkscrew coasters, log flumes and other attractions were park staples. To remember and honor Karl, we attended a small gathering held with his family and friends at the Bacon residence."


“I just read the article regarding Karl Bacon and Arrow Development. Yes, he was a wonderful man and very creative as I remember as a child. The article states that Karl Bacon and Ed Morgan were the two who started Arrow Development in 1946.

Unfortunately, that statement is misleading and untrue. In 1946, Arrow Development was started by FOUR men who previously worked together at Hendy Iron Works. Arrow Development was started by Bill Hardiman, Angus Anderson, Karl Bacon, and Ed Morgan. All four men were instrumental in the development of Arrow and designing and building the rides for Disneyland when it opened in 1955.

I remember being at Disneyland on the opening day while my father, Angus Anderson, and his Arrow Development partners were there to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

I find it disturbing that Ed and Karl took all the credit for starting Arrow Development and being instrumental in making the rides for Walt Disney when two other men played equally significant roles. Please contact me, if you would like a copy of the original newspapers articles regarding the development of Arrow and Disneyland.”

Carolyn Anderson Moyer

I contacted Carolyn back in 2008 and she very kindly sent me fantastic photos, images and newspaper cuttings that I can now share with you here on themagiceye!

Forbidden City Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco 1945 celebrating the birth of Arrow.

From L - R

Ed Morgan
Betty Morgan
Angus Anderson
Phyllis Anderson
Karl Bacon
Jane Bacon
Bill Handiman
Evelyn Handiman





Photographs of the development of Arrow's first building in 1946. Click the image for a larger version.

From The newspaper cutting:

“When Walt Disney’s 10 million dollar playground, Disneyland, opens near Los Angeles this summer thousands of American children will shout with glee when they view the rides now being constructed by a Mountain View Industrial firm.

"Workers at the plant, Arrow development. Ca Inc 243 Moffett Blvd, are working feverishly on six of the feature rides of Disneyland…”









Angus (Andy) Anderson can be seen here working on The Casey Jr engine.

The other rides Arrow were involved in were:

“Snow White and the seven Dwarfs”

“Mr Toad’s Hotrod”

“The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”

“King Arthur’s Carousel” and

“Dumbo the Flying Elephant.”






Confirmation of the “Cinderella” story of Arrow.

















More of the 'Cinderella' story of Arrow. Click the image for a slightly larger version.
















The following set of photographs are from Carolyn Anderson Moyer's collection, showing Angus Anderson in 1946.

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