by Gary Radice
Gallery: Added December 2005

Image: Gary Radice
Pleasureland, Southport
Another defunct slide...Southport's Helter Skelter (pictured here in 2001) dates from the fifties and was unique in that it came complete with a large bowl at the end of it into which riders slid.
When Southport introduced its Moroccan theming, this attraction became Mustapha Bowl...(Don't ask..)
It still stands today, minus roof but unfortunately is no longer open to ride...The scourge of Health and Safety and operating costs have caught up with it.


Image: Paul B Drabek
Knoebels, USA

Proof that Helter Skelters/Slips/Spiral Slides exist in theUSA!

This photo and information comes courtesy of Paul B Drabek and his website -G (Negative G):
"The Sky Slide actually began its life at Knoebels as a home made simulator back in the 1960s. 

The rocket part of it laid down and people would go sit inside it and would watch a movie about going into space. 

The rocket would then tilt up and down to go along with the film. 

After it outgrew its popularity Knoebels stood it upright and transformed it into the Sky Slide."


Image: Ken Rutherford

Chippewa Lake Park, USA

This 'Slip' postcard, courtesy of Ken Rutherford, is of Chippewa Lake Park in Medina, OHIO USA in 1925.
Regarding the coaster in the postcard:
"The Big Dipper coaster opened at Chippewa Lake Park in Medina, OH in 1925. The simple out & back coaster operated until 1978 and the rotting structure is still standing at the abandoned park today."



Image: Anthony Macken
Maple Leaf Village Amusement Park, Canada
"A park with lovely landscaping and flower beds, it was located near the Canadian entrance of The Rainbow Bridge to the United States and near existing hotels.
Opening in May 1979, it had the usual assortment of flat rides such as a carousel (Illions-Carmel), bumper cars and pirate ship..."
...And of course a Helter Skelter...
Thanks to Anthony Macken of New Jersey USA for the image and to The Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada:

Image: Gary Radice
Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, South Shields
It's two for the price of one here, Ocean Beach (South Shields, UK) have a park to be proud of...and two Helter Skelter attractions to be proud of too!
Photos taken April 2006, and  both attractions were proving popular on the day!

Image: Gary Radice
Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, South Shields
Ocean Beach's second helter skelter.

Image: Paul Beesley
Ocean Beach Fun Fair, Rhyl

Thanks to Paul Beesley for this photo of the Super Skyline Slide at Rhyl's Ocean Beach park in North Wales.

Sadly, if rumours are to believed, an ASDA Superstore is planned for this site sometime in 2007...


"I cannot confirm whether or not it will be an ASDA superstore, but
sadly, by 2007 the whole of the Ocean Beach funfair will have gone. This is due to Denbighshire County Council's "redevelopment" of Rhyl's seafront into what will generally be known as "Drift Park", which in turn is part of the Rhyl Going Forward scheme.

Although it mainly involves (as far as the seafront goes) development of gardens and water features, the funfair is not part of that scheme. Current proposals for the Ocean Beach site include housing, A3 retail shops and non-food retail. 

Whatever Denbighshire County Council decide, the only fairground facilities will be in the Children's village (which is pretty poor even today in comparison, and does not offer anything beyond the age of 12)  and the nearby resort of Towyn (in Conwy) will continue to offer during the high season a travelling fairground on the Tir Prince racetrack's grounds.

Personally speaking (as a Denbighshire resident) I think that the Ocean Beach's redevelopment is a disgrace, and more money should be spent upgrading (and even expanding) the fairground.

So I strongly suggest that if you are in the area, that you photograph as many of the rides that you can.  Especially in the end/height of the season, before the non permanent rides are stored away."

Footnote: Ocean Beach closed for the last time on 2/9/07

Image: Phil Gould
Prater, Vienna, Austria

Thanks to Phil Gould for the following:

"The Toboggan slip at the Prater  was  Standing but not operating (SBNO) during my recent visit.

It was still on the park map so hopefully they will renovate it and have the slide back in action soon.

The Austrian park is currently having a revamp, like much of Vienna, as the city hosts the European Cup finals in two years time."

Phil Gould: June 2006


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