Photographs: Gary Radice, Phil Gould, Michael Smith, Ashley Stanworth
: Added October 2006

Look back misty-eyed at Blackpool's lost rides from the Pleasure Beach.

Gary Radice
1001 Troubles

The 1001 Troubles was a mirror maze incorporating a hall of mirrors and was originally situated to the left of Bean Street.

The attraction now forms the first segment of 'Impossible'.

"Walk, Don't run in 1001".


Gary Radice

Safari Ride

2002 was the last season the Safari Ride operated at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

As at 2005 it was at Southport Pleasureland.


Gary Radice

Astro Swirl (aka The Millennium Bug)

Space travel was certainly in vogue in 1969, the year this ride first appeared at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Originally called the Astroswirl, this spinning centrifugal ride was housed in the 70 foot diameter perspex dome that still stands in the park.

The idea for the dome originated at the Canadian Expo in 1968.

This ride was renamed The Millennium Bug for 2000 and was advertised for sale in The World's Fair Magazine three years later.

It later earned its keep at Blackpool's sister site Pleasureland in Southport (opposite the Cyclone) where it is was renamed Sandstorm to fit in with the desert theming of the park.

Ash Stanworth
The Cableway last operated at the park during the 2000 season and yet if there is one park that deserves a ride like this so it can be viewed from eighty feet up in all its glory it is the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool.
The original chair lift ride from which Geoffrey Thompson got the idea operated at the Brussels World Fair in 1958. The Blackpool ride opened in 1960 and afforded passengers brilliant views along the 2 x 800 yards whilst at the same time facilitating the crossing of the Watson Road which then divided the park into two.
The Cableway originally cost 50,000 to build and in times past the red gondolas would stop at one station to allow people on/off and the yellow gondolas would do the same at the other station.

Gary Radice
Vintage Cars

It was a case of putting your foot down on the gas pedal for a fun ride on the Vintage Cars back then.

They closed for business in the 2001 season to be replaced by the electrically powered Eddie Stobart's Convoy ride.



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