The Texas Tornado Gallery
Photographs: David M Torok/Nick Laister
Gallery: Added 2005

The Texas Tornado at Frontierland was loved by many, especially roller coaster enthusiasts. Many remember the thrill of brushing against the extending leaves and branches of the adjacent trees as this classic roller coaster thundered "out and back". Can anyone remember riding backwards on this much missed ride? It was originally designed by Harry G Traver and  opened as Le Cyclone in Paris (1937) where it only operated for a year. The ride was moved and rebuilt in Morecambe between 1938 and 1939. The layout was drastically altered at this time. The ride was renamed The Texas Tornado when Morecambe Pleasure Park changed its name to Frontierland in 1987. The Texas Tornado was put up for sale for 100,000 when Frontierland was downsized and eventually closed but there were no buyers.

Image: David M Torok
The Texas Tornado winds its way along the perimeter of the park, into a wooded area to the rear of the park.

Image: Nick Laister/www.joylandbooks.com
The out and back track running towards the back of the park in 1999.



Image: Nick Laister/www.joylandbooks.com
The train runs through the wooded area in 1999.

Image: Nick Laister/www.joylandbooks.com
The lift hill and first drop taken from the Polo Tower in 1999. The building to the bottom left is the Texas Tornado station.
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