Photographs: Kraig Schweizer/Jim Lowe
Gallery: Added October 2007
Ocean Beach Fun Fair at Rhyl, one of the main attractions at this famous North Wales seaside resort, closed its gates for the last time on 2 September. The park featured many rides of historic interest including a 1950s Ghost Train, a 1930s vintage toy set, Britain's first ever tubular steel roller coaster (Jet Stream) and, most notably, the world's last surviving circular water chute.

The amusement park preservation world breathed a sigh of relief when The Dreamland Trust, the organisation behind the proposed Heritage Amusement Park at Margate, reached agreement with Rhyl Amusements Ltd (the owners of Ocean Beach) to dismantle the Water Chute for use at the heritage park. Contractors acting for the developers of the Margate heritage park were booked to commence work on site on 15 October 2007, just two weeks before Ocean Beach was to be handed over to developers. However, at the eleventh hour, the Margate funders pulled out leaving the Dreamland Trust unable to secure the funding required in the few hours available to them. On 20 October, the demolition of the Water Chute commenced, and a piece of amusement park history - once common at parks across the UK - became a memory. This gallery shows the ride as it comes down...

Image: Jim Lowe/www.conceptnews.org/rhyl
Saturday 20 October 2007

Demolition commences with the bottom of the drop. The imposing structure is being demolished to make way for a supermarket and apartments.


Image: Jim Lowe/www.conceptnews.org/rhyl
The bottom of the drop.



Image: Jim Lowe/www.conceptnews.org/rhyl
An evocative view of the partly demolished Water Chute, the screams of riders now sadly gone for good.

Image: Jim Lowe/www.conceptnews.org/rhyl

A close up of the drop.


Image: Jim Lowe/www.conceptnews.org/rhyl
Through the window that once protected onlookers from the water splash can be seen the remains of the Jet Stream roller coaster, another casualty of the Ocean Beach closure.


Image: Jim Lowe/www.conceptnews.org/rhyl
The sun sets on the history of the world's last circular water chute.


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