by Gary Radice
: Added January 2007

"On the other side of the Pier is the unique Peter Pan's Playground...a place designed for children only, with exciting roundabouts, motor cars, aeroplanes, swings, slides and many other things to bring colour to their cheeks and a sparkle to their eyes."
Official Guide 1952 (Courtesy of Stephen Copnall)

From themagiceye's point of view the best rides (or at least the rides I can remember from the sixties) included the following:

The Jigsaw Railway: This consisted of a train engine pulling several striped 'tub-like' carriages that went into 'a mountainous cave.' Not much happened inside the cave. I remember seeing some green lights, but nothing scary as I can recall. I liked it because the train did two circuits.

There was also a Helter Skelter: "But you didn't end up in a big bowl like the one for grown-ups at Pleasureland..."

And some cars on a roundabout that went up and down over some small undulating hills. I remember thinking these cars were strange because they had two steering wheels on the dashboard..

Nick Ousey: Weekends were the time if my dad came along I would get to go on some of the rides.

My favourites included the airplanes (that spun out and that had propellers on the front) and The Jungle Ride which was a ride in which trucks in the shape of animals went around on a track.

themagiceye: themagiceye also remembers those (tall?) animals that were joined together and you went around on a track...possibly situated next to a place where you could buy icecream?

I also remember those aeroplanes! A bit like a miniature version of Blackpool's Flying Machine...Brilliant!

A Crooked House with a slide at the end. I  remember just seeing this attraction standing alone and deserted in the late eighties/early nineties when the rest of the park was derelict...

...Wish I had taken a picture..

themagiceye now scratches its head.

There was a small roller coaster which didn't really pick up speed until it hit the second hill. Possibly called The Alpine Coaster/Glide. The young magiceye was frightened of that ride..

Nick Ousey: Yes, there was a small roller coaster. I worked on it most of the last season I was there.

It was called 'The Wendy Glide.' Apparently in the 60s a young girl called Wendy got killed on it hence it got its name: 'The Wendy Glide.'

It was hard work working on it. The problem was when you had stopped it everyone got off then a new lot of people got on, then when you released the brake the cars didnít move forward so two of you had to get behind it and push it! 

Most of the faces on the waiting mums and dads had a slight look of concern as you grunted and slipped on the oily tracks as you pushed 3 cars and 12 kids until the chain grabbed the first car...clatter...clatter...clatter...

Peter Pan's Playground, Southport.

The Crooked House and windmill at Peter Pan's Playground. Photo: Chad


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