Dreamland: A Cavalcade of Photographs

Enjoy this trip around Dreamland in photographs taken in various years. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

Dreamland Railway

The Dreamland Railway in action in 1972. (Dez Watson)

Dreamland Railway

The train pulls into the station in 1972. (Dez Watson)

Alice in Wonderland

The Alice in Wonderland ride pictured in 1978. The Gallopers can be seen in the background. (Dez Watson)

Dreamland Railway

Billie (she's a girl!), the Greenly designed Barnes Atlantic miniature locomotive, having 'run-a-round' her train at the 'Magic Garden' end of the railway. The railway entered the Magic Garden area under a red & white lattice footbridge; the gardens included coloured lights, lit-up Teepees and Totem Poles. It became a zoo in the 1970s. Driving Billie is the late Ted Cuckney. (Wilson Family Archive)

Dreamland Railway

This picture shows 'Ted' ready to depart Park Station. Motive power being the 4-4-0 PM Petrol Locomotive No 359. This locomotive was built in 1939 by RH Morse (Works No 82 - currently awaiting restoration at the Vale of Evesham Railway). (Wilson Family Archive)


Dreamland Railway

This image speaks for itself. 'Ted' carried on until his 82nd year,  which means his last season on the Dreamland Miniature Railway was 1968 or 1969. The photograph was taken by the late Bill Evans. (Wilson Family Archive)


The Snail

The above photograph shows 'The Snail' at Dreamland, Margate, in the 1920s. Courtesy of Paul Bolland, it shows his Grandfather, Reuben Bolland, on the left. Reuben worked at Dreamland, then later at The Kursaal in Southend, where Paul believes he became chief engineer / electrician. Paul has no idea who the other chap is. Does anybody else know who he might be? (Paul Bolland)

Dreamland Railway

A colour photograph of Billie the Dreamland loco taken in 1974. This shows that the loco was not in the best of condition towards the end of its time at Dreamland. (Nigel Hyde)

Dreamland 1955

Campaign member Peter Lester was only two years of age in this photograph with his mother and grandmother. Obviously, the photographer was noted for his backgrounds! (Peter Lester)

Tracey Emin in Dreamland

Tracey Emin in front of the Scenic Railway, Waltzer and winning a prize at a Dreamland slide show. This is from a series shot by journalist and Campaign member Iain Aitch in Margate with Tracey for a travel piece he wrote for The Observer.  (Iain Aitch)

The Big Wheel

This picture of the Big Wheel in Dreamland was taken in the 1980s. (Don Wright)

Looping Star

This was taken on the same day as the Big Wheel photograph on the left. (Don Wright)

Dreamland in 1969

The Dreamland Cinema in 1969. (Rainer Hoffmann)

Dreamland by Night

Postcard of Dreamland by night in the 1960s. (Rainer Hoffmann)

Membership 1966

A membership card for Dreamland's Rendevouz Club from 1966. (Rainer Hoffmann)

Scenic Railway from the air

This fantastic panorama of the Scenic was taken from the Big Wheel in 1996. (Paul Handley)

Big Wheel

The Big Wheel towers over a newly refurbished Scenic Railway in 1996. (Paul Handley)

Log Flume

The Pirate Ship, Log Flume and Aztec adventure golf from the Big Wheel. (Paul Handley)

Bill Sedgwick working behind the Scenic Railway

Bill Sedgwick worked at Dreamland from 1946-1975. (Iain Aitch)

Bill Sedgwick working on a ride

Bill Sedgwick worked at Dreamland from 1946-1975. (Iain Aitch)

Bill Sedgwick with his boss in 1956

Bill Sedgwick (left) worked at Dreamland from 1946-1975. On the right is his boss, a guy named Forbes. The person in the middle is unknown. (Iain Aitch)

Bill Sedgwick has a beer

Bill Sedgwick worked at Dreamland from 1946-1975. This pic says Dreamland on the back, though it may be the Lido. (Iain Aitch)

Miniature Railway

The Dreamland Miniature Railway in 1961. (Peter Coath)

Miniature Railway

Peter Coath and a diesel loco at the Dreamland Miniature Railway in 1961. (Peter Coath)

Margate Town Guide

Dreamland featured extensively in the Margate Town Guide of 1967. (John Hutchinson Collection)


Margate Town Guide

A further page from the Margate Town Guide of 1967. (John Hutchinson Collection)

Train Air Ride

Flight simulator ride (Nick Laister Collection)


The original entertainment building at Dreamland, which was replaced by the existing cinema. (Jon Anton Collection)

Margate Seafront

Dreamland can be seen in this colour postcard, although by now dwarfed by the Arlington Tower. (Jon Anton Collection)

Inside the Dreamland Cinema

The spectacular interior of the Dreamland Cinema showing the organ, which rises up through the stage. (Jon Anton Collection)

Dreamland Compton Organ

Unknown player on organ. (Jon Anton Collection)


Lord George Sangers Circus

Sanger's Circus and Zoo was located on the site that would become Dreamland. (Jon Anton Collection)

Garden Cafe

The indoor cafe at Dreamland. (Jon Anton Collection)

The Bali-Hai Bar

Another great venue from Dreamland's past. (Jon Anton Collection)

Dreamland's Safari Park

Dreamland had a wild animal park, featuring animals such as elephants and lions. (Jon Anton Collection)

Hurricane Jets

A popular ride at Dreamland. (Jon Anton Collection)

Dreamland from the air

Taken from the Big Wheel you can see the Scenic Railway and Caterpillar. Note reference to the Safari Park in the gardens behind the Scenic. (Jon Anton Collection)


(Jon Anton Collection)


(Jon Anton Collection)

Dreamland Ballroom

The ballroom was located in an old aircraft hangar behind the Cinema, not that you would know from its interior! (Jon Anton Collection)

Robinson Crusoe

Poster for a 1974 Christmas pantomime at Dreamland. (Jon Anton Collection)

Robinson Crusoe

Another poster for a 1974 Christmas pantomime at Dreamland. (Jon Anton Collection)

Dreamland 1969

Fantastic 1960s view of the Cinema building in something like its original condition. (Jon Anton Collection)

Margate Theatre Organ Club

Sunday Morning Concerts at the Margate Theatre Organ Club. "At least 10 years ago", says Jon Anton in 2009.  (Jon Anton Collection)

Dreamland Railway

Loading at the art deco station. (Jon Anton Collection)

Dreamland Restaurant

Inside the Dreamland Restaurant.(Jon Anton Collection)


Marine Terrace

The Looping Star looms behind Marine Terrace in the 1980s.  (Martin Turner)

The Big Wheel

Dominating the skyline of Margate's seafront in the 1980s was the Big Wheel, at the time the biggest in the UK. (Martin Turner)

The Wheel from the Car Park

Dreamland's spectacular wheel viewed in the early 1980s from the Car Park. (Martin Turner)


Dreamland Cinema

Also pictured in the 1980s is the Dreamland Cinema.  (Martin Turner)

Dreamland Cinema

The newly opened Cinema (The Dreamland Trust)



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