Dreamland Photo Galleries

The Bembom Years
Visit Dreamland in the years when it was under the ownership of the Bembom Brothers. A very different Dreamland...
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The Godden Years
Dreamland at the turn of the Millennium under the ownership of Jimmy Godden. The park begins to shrink...
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The Scenic Railway
Photographs of the Scenic Railway taken by Nick Laister in 2002, the year that it became a listed building.
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The Arcade Fire
The devastating fire at Jimmy Godden's Mr G's amusement arcade, adjacent to Dreamland, in April 2003.
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Save Dreamland Convention
The Save Dreamland Convention was held at Margate's historic Theatre Royal in June 2003. Films, talks and rides were on the agenda.
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Roaring 20s Night
In September 2003, the Campaign teamed up with the European Coaster Club for a nostalgic fundraising evening...
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Years of Decline
Dreamland, pictured early in 2004, shows clearly the results of years of decline.
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Dreamland Fire 2003
In 2003, smoke was seen rising above the Scenic Railway, when a massive blaze destroyed the Waltzer.
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Dreamland Through the Years
Dreamland from the 1960s to the 1980s, photographed by regular visitor Barry Cox.
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Dreamland: The Ian Mansfield Collection
Photographs of Dreamland taken in the 1980s by Campaign member Ian Mansfield.
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Dreamland says 'Goodnight'
Photographs taken at our special farewell event in September 2004.
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Full Steam Ahead!
The Save Dreamland Campaign on tour at the 2005 Preston Rally.
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A Cavalcade of Photographs
Miscellaneous photographs of Dreamland taken by visitors of this website.
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Enter the Dragons!
The Save Dreamland Campaign back on the road again at the Preston Rally.
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Southport Rides Come Down!
Dismantling vintage rides at Southport for the Heritage Amusement Park.
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Dreamland 2003
Photo Gallery by Jason Young.
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The Jo Brown Gallery
Dreamland from the 1950s to the 1980s - from child to parent.
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Margate's Other Wooden Coaster
Photographs of Margate's Switchback Railway.
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Sanger's Menagerie
Before Dreamland was Lord George Sanger's Hall by the Sea.
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Scenic Railway Fire Damage
Exclusive access to fire damaged ride.
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Photo Updates
The latest pictures of work at Dreamland

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The Peter Sutton Gallery
Photographs of Dreamland between 1969 and 2006.

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Maps and Leaflets
Dreamland promotional material through the years.

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