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The Save Dreamland Campaign has launched its vision for a new Dreamland, called 'I Dream of Dreamland'. This new Concept Plan has been produced by leading international theme park designer Jean-Marc Toussaint and has been endorsed by one of the prominent operators hoping to acquire Dreamland. Join us as we take you on a tour of a Dreamland of the future, a Dreamland that could be just around the corner...
How it all began

The Save Dreamland Campaign has known for some time that there is serious interest from established theme park operators in acquiring Dreamland and investing in the park. The only thing that has stopped this happening is Thanet District Council's last-minute change to its Local Plan, which had protected the Dreamland amusement park. Without that policy in place, the value of the site to property developers has significantly increased, making it very difficult for amusement park operators to acquire the site. Margate's very future as a seaside resort is now at stake. The Save Dreamland Campaign is constantly looking for new ways to show decision-makers what Dreamland could be like in the hands of a committed operator. One of the Campaign's most passionate members just happens to be a prominent figure in the international amusement park industry. He also happens to be a very talented artist and designer. He made us an offer we could not refuse.

Based in Paris, Jean-Marc Toussaint has worked as creative consultant and theming/ride designer for several leading theme park organisations such as Grévin & Cie, International Amusement Alliance, Soquet Rides, Pax Design and The Coaster Works. He has also recently acted as the main creative consultant for the development of the masterplan of Admiral Vrungel’s Adventure Park in Gelendjik, Russia. When he offered to create a Concept Plan for Dreamland - to show what the park could be like should it be acquired by one of the several theme park operators that have publicly confirmed their interest - we jumped at the chance. Jean-Marc delivered his Concept Plan to the Save Dreamland Campaign on 20 February 2005. We think his plan for Dreamland is fantastic, and we quickly adopted it as our vision. Importantly, it has also been endorsed by Philip Miller of Southend's Adventure Island, who has very publicly stated his desire to acquire the park and invest millions of pounds in new rides and attractions. This Concept Plan is what Dreamland might look like if our Campaign is successful. So join us for a trip around new Dreamland...
Above: Jean-Marc Toussaint

I Dream of Dreamland

One of the main aims of the Concept Plan was to return Dreamland to its original condition, a colourful, landscaped family amusement park. Jean-Marc, like so many other people, could see beyond the park's current 'artificial' run-down appearance: "I really fell in love with the park when I first visited it 5 years ago. Despite its worn-out carnival look, I immediately saw the potential in its most excellent location by the sea front." It also had to be a realistic vision, one that could genuinely be implemented in this location. So most of the rides selected for the Concept Plan are currently available from leading manufacturers and many are portable rides that could easily be replaced in the future.

The park's heritage is also a major consideration, so Jean-Marc's Concept Plan retains the Scenic Railway (which all operators have confirmed they will do) but it also would see the return of the Water Chute and River Caves, albeit modern versions of these much-loved Dreamland rides. Jean-Marc says: "The idea is also to leave the current 'concrete slab' way behind us and go back to the pre-Godden era, with grass, bushes, floral arrangements trees and several bodies of water (fountains, lakes, rivers...), all connected together by a theme that's understandable by everybody."

So enjoy exploring new Dreamland. But please remember that the Concept Plan is a tool to help with the Campaign, not a set-in-stone project. Whilst we have confirmation from an established theme park operator that the plan is achievable, at the time of writing we are still far from a successful conclusion to the Campaign. This future is achievable, but is almost entirely within the hands of Thanet District Council. We hope that this will trigger the interest of the Council and result in them doing what many other seaside resorts have done, and protect their most important tourist attraction.

A low resolution version of the Concept Plan is shown below, and many of the attractions are clickable. Scroll down further for a high resolution version of the Concept Plan and more details on the rides and attractions that you could see at Dreamland if the Save Dreamland Campaign is successful

'I Dream of Dreamland: Concept Plan by Jean-Marc Toussaint

Click here for a high resolution version of the Concept Plan (6.13 MB).

Explore some of Dreamland's new attractions below

1. Parking
2. Info Kiosk - Tickets - Retail
3. Silly Surfin' (Fabbri - Spinning Rapids)
4. Hungry Seaman Restaurant (Burgers - indoor/outdoor seating)
5. Mini Wave - Kiddie Wave Swinger
6. Wave Swinger (Zierer - Wave Swinger)

7. Waikiki (Huss - Top Spin)
8. Happy Sailor (Mack - Seesturmbahn)
9. Info Kiosk - Tickets - Retail
10. Sand Buggies (SBF-Visa Convoy)

11. Tsunami (Hopkins - Shoot the chute)
12. Scenic Railway
13. Beverage/Ice Cream kiosk
14. Redemption games
15. Flyin' Fisherman (Zamperla - Swing Ship)

16. Squiddy Scenic (Pax - Rodeo)
17. Dreamland Derby (Large Carousel)
18. Safe Haven Restaurant (Fish n' Chips - indoor/outdoor Seating)
19. Squiddy Derby (Mini Carousel)
20. Lil' Sailors (Mini round boat ride)
21. Retail
22. The Promenade (Soquet - Vintage Cars)

23. Info Kiosk - Tickets - Retail
24. Storm (Vekoma - Mad House)
25. Sea Arena (Sea Lion show)
26. Aquarium (Walk-thru exhibit)
27. Sea Horses (Soquet - Galloping Horses)

28. RC boats
29. Silly Sub (Zamperla - Crazy Submarine)

30. Squiddy's Playground (Metalbau - sets and slide)
31. The Lighthouse (Heege - Tower)
32. Merry Mermaids (Kiddie round ride)
33. Info Kiosk - Tickets - Retail
34. Sun Fun Wheel (15m Ferris Wheel)
35. Beverage/Ice Cream kiosk
36. High Tide (Mack - Peter Pan)

37. Captain Kid (Mini swing ship)
38. Octopus (Schwarzkopf - Monster)

39. River Caves (Intamin themed water ride)
40. The View (Indoor Restaurant - social events, groups, etc)
41. Island at the Top of the World (Intamin - Observation tower)

42. Bumpin' Boats
43. Sea Serpent (Pax - Cobra II)
44. Bouncin' Bubbles (Mack - Tea Cups)
45. Whirlwind (Fabbri - Booster)
46. Retail - Games
47. Crazy Cormoran (Zamperla - Disk'O)

48. Flying Fish (Maurer - Spinning coaster)
49. Yellowbeard's Ghost (Sally - Interactive dark ride)
50. Pieces of Ate Restaurant (Pizza Restaurant - indoor/outdoor seating)
51. Tortuga Theatre (Live show or 3D/4D...)
52. Cannonball (Fabbri - drop tower)

53. Yoho Yoyo (S & S Power - Froghopper)
54. Crow's Nest (Huss - Topple Tower)
55. Loot Flume (Soquet - Log Flume)
56. Retail
57. Beverage/Ice Cream kiosk
58. Wind Walker (Vekoma - Junior suspended coaster)

59. Info Kiosk - Tickets - Retail

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'I Dream of Dreamland' was produced by Jean-Marc Toussaint of Amusement Illustrations and Designs

More information on our Vision for Dreamland coming soon!

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