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Riding on Rainbows: Blackpool Pleasure Beach and its Place in British Popular Culture
By John K Walton

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a spectacular national and international phenomenon that deserves the serious attention of historians. Since the 1890s it has evolved into Britain’s most visited tourist attraction. Each year, its 42 acres become a vast wonderland of noise, rides (including ten roller coasters), attractions and shows. As the first critical perspective of a major amusement park, this is a book for both the serious historian and general reader. You will find in these pages a study that is as accessible as it is authoritative, offering new interpretations of the changes in leisure, amusement, technology and consumption that helped to transform popular culture and society in twentieth-century Britain.

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Pennies by the Sea: The Life and Times of Joyland Amusements, Bridlington
By Nick Laister

‘Pennies by the Sea’ is the first book to be released on the phenomenon of the seaside amusement arcade, based around the history of what was one of Britain’s largest – Joyland Amusements in the East Yorkshire seaside resort of Bridlington. Enter a wonderful world of long days, colourful lights and enormous innovation, an insight into a way of life that once existed at seaside resorts up and down the country but has now largely disappeared.

ISBN 0954457358
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Pleasureland Memories: A History of Southport's Amusement Park
By Stephen Copnall

The Pleasureland Amusement Park at Southport has been a major feature of the town’s tourist industry since the 1920s and long before that the seaward side of the town was synonymous with public amusement. This book tells the story of how Pleasureland rose from the foreshore sands, despite opposition from Southport’s elite – and how a ruthless fight for territory was fought within the park itself, a battle in which only the politically savvy survived. Packed with vintage photos.

ISBN 0954457331
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From Lamp to Laser: The Story of the Blackpool Illuminations
By Terry Regan and Andrew Hazlehurst

Celebrating 125 electric light years. A roller coaster story that takes a nostalgic look at the illuminated displays and tableaux that have turned a simple light show into a national treasure. Plus magical illuminated tramcars, celebrity switch-ons and a fascinating trip behind the scenes.

ISBN 0954457323
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Men at Work: The fairground artists and artisans of Orton & Spooner
By Alan S. Howell
A new book about fairground ride builders Orton & Spooner and the artistry of the father and son team, Albert and Sid Howell, whose work adorned many of their most famous rides. Featuring never before seen photographs from the Howell collection, this book will be a must for anyone interested in the history of fairground rides and fairground art.
ISBN 0954457315
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Kursaal Memories: A History of Southend's Amusement Park
By Ken Crowe
The Kursaal was the largest amusement park in the south of England throughout much of the 20th Century, and the destination for thousands of East Enders, and others, up to the 1960s. This book tells the story of the Kursaal, from its origins in the late 19th Century, to the closure of the park in the 1980s, and then to the re-opening of the buildings at the very end of the last century. 120 pages packed full of photographs.
ISBN 0954457307
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