by Gary Radice
Gallery: Added 2003 (updated 2005)

Image: Kennywood Archives
The Telescope and "Photo Burner"

There is no evidence of the telescope or the photo burner in the following picture as at 2005...Perhaps they were just an idea?

Image: Kennywood Archives

At this point during the walk-through you are about to descend some steep stairs to the deck below....Labelled "This Way" in the drawing to the left.

Image: Kennywood Archives

Image: Gary Radice

Image: Gary Radice

The Tilting Table and Camera Hatch

In much the same way as D Sills depicts here, you are met by tilting furniture in Noah's Ark today at the bottom of the steep stairs.

...But for tilting furniture read: "Moving Table". It goes up and down and is controlled by the mechanism that is responsible for the rocking motion of the Ark.








The photo of the table was taken in 2003 and the table has undergone a paint job since then and is now pink in colour!

If you look carefully at the drawing at above you may be able to make out "Pull and See" on a hatch at the back. The 'Camera Hatch' does exist but not at this point in the Ark.


When you do pull it up you see yourself on a small black and white monitor looking back at yourself...



Image: Kennywood Archives
Corridors 1
The writing on the picture says: "Animals to face the way the public goes - also in twos."
I personally don't remember any animals in this section on my last visit.

Image: Kennywood Archives
Corridors 2

The drawing says: "Corridors to be changed from orange to ----- Cut out animals and distorted mirrors in corridors where possible."

No evidence of mirrors in 2005 but it does get very dark after this point...I'm talking 'hands out in front' dark...


Image: Kennywood Archives
Corridors 3

Corridor towards rear of pig scene...

Image: Kennywood Archives
Image: Kennywood Archive
The Pig Scene

Front and rear of pig scene.











In the smaller of the two drawings to the left the items labelled are: Skull effect and Fire Exit. The writing at the bottom of the drawing states: "TV camera effect."

Image: themagiceye

Image: Kennywood Archive

The Pig

The pig has had a revamp since this photo was taken.








Exit to ground level: themagiceye refers to this particular set of steps as "The Limbo Steps"

Why?...Well, when you get the chance, walk down them and see for yourself!



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