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Photographs: DJ Clark
Interview: Gary Radice

Gallery: Added 2005

Image: DJ Clark
The poignancy of the words Texas Tornado on the building in the background. All that is standing of a much loved roller coaster. But at least - like the building to its left - some of it was still standing when this photo was taken...
Contrast this to the debris in the foreground...
The park is breathing its last breath.

themagiceye: Dave, are you a coaster enthusiast and did you ever ride the Texas Tornado (aka Cyclone)? If so, what are your memories of it and do you have any (childhood) memories of Frontierland?

DJ Clark: Yes I like roller coasters and have ridden a lot in the last year. I am keen on doing a photography project on theme parks in China as they are so different from those here. I was not brought up in the northwest so never rode this one as a child but used to frequent it regularly in the 1980s.

Image: DJ Clark
Dark clouds gathering overhead. The picture says it all...Or perhaps emphasis should be placed upon the blue sky and light bursting out from behind the black clouds? Is this a new dawn for Morecambe?
themagiceye: Do you ever foresee yourself going back to the site of Frontierland to take any follow up pictures?
DJ Clark: The talk at the time I took these pictures was that there would be a retail park. I canít foresee Morecambe progressing though until they sort out a road in from the motorway. I now live in Bolton but still go there occasionally. Maybe in 2025 I may revisit the project but for now I think it needs some time in the Museum to become history.


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About DJ Clark
DJ Clark graduated from Lancaster University in 1984 and went on to work as a photojournalist. In 1989 he took a job in Ramallah, West Bank, which led to a new interest in working for aid agencies. By 1991 he had established himself as a freelance photographer working for both news publications and aid agencies worldwide.

Returning to the UK he established Folly, an agency producing still and moving images for overseas development organisations. Folly developed into a public media arts centre and continues to thrive. DJ Clark started lecturing in Photography, first at Lancaster University and then as course leader/senior lecturer on the Photography and Video degree at The University of Bolton, More recently he has reduced his lecture post to part time in order to concentrate on the Pictures For Change research project.

A Little English City was DJ Clark's first major solo photography publication and international exhibition tour. He is also involved in developing new interactive education packages for secondary schools in the UK and has recently started a new research project Pictures for Change: Photographing The Majority World, International Development and the Other Live Aid Legacy. For more information on this project please go to www.picturesforchange.org.

In 2003 he was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship as part of the above project.

Anyone interested in ordering the book ďA Little English CityĒ by DJ Clark or learning more about the project can do so by clicking here.

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