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Which are the best books and DVDs that we have sold on Joyland Books in our 10 years? We asked themagiceye founder Gary Radice, Joyland Books founder Nick Laister and Roller Coaster Media Library founder Simon Baynham to provide their own personal Top 5s...
Gary Radice: founder of themagiceye
Top 5 Books

5: The Amazing Hiram Maxim by Arthur Hawkey

4: Dreamland Remembered by Nick Evans

3: BPB: A Palette of Life by Julia Midgley
A gem of a read just for "caught in time" snippets of life at PBB:  "...The Best of British Festival was in full swing when I arrived (21/4/01)...There was a full schedule of events including a hog roast and a tea party at Beaver Creek..." Julia's art is not just in her paintings...it's also in her words.

2: Riding on Rainbows by John K Walton
Really Riding on Rainbows should be my No 1 for the very fact that themagiceye website is referenced on several occasions. It is a great book written from a fascinating perspective. That said my No. 1 is...

1: Pleasureland Memories by Stephen Copnall
Great personal memories stirred by a great book. Southport the place has played such an important part in my life: Great childhood memories of Pleasureland and Peter Pan's / Happiland, my first job after leaving school began with a month's induction at the Nat West on Lord Street in Southport (I no longer work for a bank) and at the age of 11 I had a life saving operation at the Southport Promenade Hospital. (Today that site is home to upmarket apartments). I still remember 'O' ward to this day...my bed was next to a window that looked out onto the prom and in the distance I could see the Cyclone. I swore that once I got out of hospital I would ride it...and just over one year later...I did!

"Congratulations from The Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada to Joyland Books to mark a decade of providing books and related products regarding the outdoor amusement industry. We wish you many more!"

Richard Bonner, Managing Director, Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada

Pleasureland Memories: "Great memories stirred by a great book".

Nick Laister: founder of Joyland Books
Top 5 Books

5: Kursaal Memories by Ken Crowe
A well-researched book about one of Britain's great amusement parks.

4: Pleasureland Memories by Stephen Copnall
Released the year before the park closed, this book became a fitting tribute to a much-missed park.

3: Riding on Rainbows by John K Walton
A completely different take on Pleasure Beach Blackpool.

2: Blackpool Pleasure Beach: A Century of Fun by Peter Bennett
A truly wonderful book about Britain's greatest amusement park. Beautifully illustrated, quality publication of the type we rarely see on this subject.

1: Roller Coasters: Their Amazing History by Robert Preedy
For me this is the best book of all. Quite modest, but extremely informative and atmospheric. This is the first and only book to explore Britain's amusement park history. For that, Robert Preedy is to be congratulated.

Top 5 DVDs

5: Parks and Rides 1
Still waiting for Parks and Rides 2...

4: Front Seat Thrills 1 and 2
The next best thing to actually riding the coasters.

3: By its Dome it's Known: Southend Kursaal
A great companion to the book Kursaal Memories.

2: The History of Belle Vue Zoological Gardens Vols 1 - 3
Three volumes, clearly made by an ameteur, but the footage is truly wonderful. And the maker's love for Belle Vue shines through the obvious low budget. Shame these are no longer available.

1: Just For Fun: Amusement Parks of the United Kingdom
Footage of the UK's best amusement parks back in 1996, before the axe started to fall from 1999 onwards. So many parks and rides lost, but this perfectly timed DVDs protects the memories.

"Congratulations to Joyland Books from everyone at TowersTimes. It's great to have such a wonderful resource on the internet celebrating the heritage of the amusement industry, from its origins right through to modern day parks and coasters. Here's to 10 more years!"

Phil Lofthouse, TowersTimes

"Over the years I have found Joyland Books to be an invaluable resource for a historical researcher. It is a great place to find hard to find books and videos on the industry and the news section is an important resource to keep up with what's going on with the amusement industry in the UK."

Jim Futrell, Historian, National Amusement Park Historical Association

Just For Fun: "Perfectly timed".

Simon Baynham: founder of the Roller Coaster Media Library

"For those interested in that unique British institution of circus, Joyland Books gives the circus enthusiast the chance to purchase recent foreign publications and hard to find older circus books which would otherwise be difficult to find. To have access to all of this on one site is appreciated by all circus fans."

The Archivist, Circus Friends Association of Great Britain

European Coaster Thrills: No. 5

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